Green Lantern
Directed by: Martin Campbell
Produced by: Donald De Silver
Greg Berlanti
Andrew Haas
Greg Silverman

Written by:

Comic Book:
John Broome
Gil Kane
Greg Berlanti
Michael Green
Marc Gruggenheim
Michael Green
Marc Gruggenheim
Michael Goldenberg

Music by:

Alan Brown




Gross Revenue:


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Green Lantern 2

The Green Lantern or Green Lantern is a 2011 super-hero movie based on DC Comics characyer Green Lantern Hal Jordan directed by Martin Campbell. It stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Mark Strong as Sinestro and Blake Lively as Carrol Ferris.

The film is based on the Emerald Dawn comic book storyline featuring Hal getting his ring from Abin Sur and going to Oa to train under Sinestro with the villain being Hector Hammond and Legion.




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