The Planet Krypton

Krypton was a distant planet located around a Red Sun. It was home to Kryptonians, an advanced civilization but the planet succumb to destruction when the planet moved out of orbit and the Red Sun going supernova destroying the planet and its citizens.


Krypton was a long and distant planet of similar size to earth. It was once like earth but as Kryptonian's technology evolved over thousands of years, so did the planet to the technology. It soon turned from the natural from to having stark white terrain of jagged frozen plateaus, stretching broadly under heavy, dark skies made from crystal technology that also built buildings, transport and all technology on earth.


One of Krypton's cities


Krypton exploding

When the scientist Jor-El discovered that Krypton was soon to be destroyed and began research, General Zod learned of this and decided to take over the Ruling Council to save the planet and its people. Zod, his companions Ursa and the silent Non were captured and sentenced by the Council and finally Jor-El to life inprisonment in the Phantom Zone with Zod swearing vengence. Jor-El still was concerned with the status of the planet but was warned by the Council to keep quiet to prevent upheval amongst the population. Jor-El secretly planned to save his new born son Kal-El and built a ship housing a Crystal of knowledge and sent his son to the planet earth just before the planet's Red Sun went Supernova, destroying the planet.
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Kal-El visits Krypton

A grown up Kal-El later visited the remains of Krypton after earth scientists discovered its remains. Kal-El travelled and left earth for 5 years to explore his former home but found no signs of life on the streile planet which was covered in darkness due to the disappearance of its Red sun with only the radiation of kryptonite the light showing before leaving to return to Earth.


  • Krypton did not feature in the finished movie of Superman Returns to cut down the time of the film.